Welcome to the first ever Scavenger Hack event! Before we get started, lets get setup on the scoring server. 

// Scoring

Flag submission and scoring will take place at https://tryhackme.com/jr/scavengerhacknova

Only one person per team should join the room! If you don't already have a free TryHackMe account, please create one. Now LET'S GO!


Thank goodness you got my message - Sorry I couldn't meet you in person but things are bad right now. Last month I was researching a recent cyber attack on a power grid in Ukraine. I was being careful but I must have slipped up somewhere because now there's a van parked out front of my apartment building and odd devices keep popping onto my home wifi.

I found a website I think is controlled by the perpetrators of the hack, it's disguised as a slot machine but I'm pretty sure I found some hidden messages. The document you just received has the details you need to get started. I’m not good at these things but I know you are. I'm sorry I'm dragging you into this but you're the only one I trust. I'll reach back out soon.

// Challenge URL


// Password


// Starting hints
• There are a total of 2 flags at this location.
• This is either the worst slot machine ever or there’s something else going on.
• More hints are available if you discover something suspicious and need help.