// Location Hint
(Find the Game Master for your check-in Flag)

// Story

I can't believe you cracked it! I knew you were going to get it, I just KNEW IT!

The data you collected indicates that the Hackers N' Hops threat group might be behind this.

It looks like the hackers have a safehouse just up the road from you! I can't quite narrow it down but It's within 1/2 mile of the coordinates I'm sending you. I know it's asking a lot of you but can you search the area for clues and see if you can get access to their network?

I'm sure there's going to be some wireless signals or something that you can hone in on. If you find a WiFi or something, see if you can access one of their computers!

// Starting Hints

• There is a total of 4 flags at this location
• There are many types of wireless protocols
• Mobile devices have apps that are good for discovering wireless signals
• As with all the challenges you can get additional hints with the onsite game master