// Location
12:30 PM

// Story

That loot you pulled from that last location proved VERY helpful!

Apparently there's a person called "Terry" that seems to be one of the top hackers in the group Hackers N' Hops. They go to COATI at 12:30 everyday for lunch. I found a PCAP file from a previous lunch you might find useful.

It looks like they hacked the local WiFi so they're not using the public network, I found another PCAP file on Terry's computer with deauthed network traffic maybe you can use this to get the wifi password.

The capture files are located here - https://drive.proton.me/urls/1X67MR19KR#nEm07Oy0xRsT

I need you to go there and see what you can find. Grab anything you think is relevant!

// Starting Hints
- There are 2 Flags at this location
- There's more than one way to get the WiFi password