// Location Clue
Port City Brewing Company
3950 Wheeler Avenue, Alexandria
5:30 PM

// Story
My fears were correct! They're attacking the local water facility!

That's not all, it turns out Hackers N' Hops is just a front for a much larger threat group! I can't nail down the exact threat group but we're definitely dealing with some pros!

I’ve reached out to the facility and they confirmed they’ve been hacked. They’re completely locked out of their control system and the water pressure in the facility is quickly becoming critical. We don’t have much time, we need to help them regain control or the city is doomed!

//Staring Hints
- None

// All Participants must adhere to the following rules:
– Do NOT open the mounting case for the HMI device.
– Do NOT unplug any cables from the device.
– Do NOT hit the power-off button located on the right-hand side or the reset button located on the bottom side of the device.
– Do NOT plug-in any additional equipment to the HMI device
– DO interact with the HMI device using the touch screen, buttons, and dials.
– DO flag down a volunteer if there’s a technical problem with the device or if the challenge’s timer expires